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Joseart Sinclair
Phisician. Epidemiologist
Mar 1, 2020
Injury prevention evidence-base in the medical practice
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Quality data is of fundamental importance to taking a scientific and evidence-based approach to injury prevention that improves our understanding of the cause and consequence of injury and enables the effective development, implementation and evaluation of injury prevention interventions. However to date, no comprehensive and cohesive data framework to enable the systematic collection of data to support the injury prevention evidence-base has been defined. This thesis defines a data conceptual framework for injury prevention to fully build the injury prevention evidence-base, and demonstrates its operationalisation and value to injury prevention research using real world contexts.

The preparation for possible events that may cause injuries allow a better prevention and attention to the physical damage suffered by a person. Knowledge gives us an advantage.

It would be interesting that the health personnel of each emergency service and related know the data provided by this thesis, the result of data collection and apply them in their daily performance.