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Mar 1, 2020
Cancer can be passed from a pregnant mother to unborn baby
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A mother with cancer can pass the disease in the worm. Fortunately, this is a rare case.

Researchers use genetic tracking to check if cancer cells have been transmitted from mother to unborn baby. In a case where a 28-year-old mother was diagnosed with Leukemia after giving birth, her 11-month-old baby was also diagnosed with the same kind of cancer. Further testing showed that the babies' cancerous cells did not possess the genetic material that would have identified them as intruder cells enabling them to be eliminated from the immune system.

The most common cancer found in newborn babies is neuroblastoma, others include Leukemia which is blood cancer and teratoma. Cancer can be detected by ultrasound done to check the health of the baby. Newborns with Neuroblastomas or teratomas can be treated and most of them are cured. Those with leukemia can be treated through aggressive therapy.